Wealth Creation Mindset 50_Dollar

Copywriting, Copy Editing, and Grant Writing 100_Dollar

Mastering Content Creation and Management 200_Dollar

Mastering Affiliate Marketing 300_Dollar

Wealth Creation with Crypto Currency 500_Dollar

Investment Fundamentals 2000_Dollar

Mastering Peer to Peer Lending and Micro Loans 5000_Dollar

Artificial Intelligence and Web 3_150_Dollar

Mastering Persuasive Public Speaking 250_Dollar

Mastering Freelancing 350_Dollar

AI and Prompt Engineering 400_DOLLAR

Mastering E commerce Excellence 450_Dollar

Mastering Drop Shipping 550_Dollar

Social Media Marketing and Management 600_Dollar

Mastering Debt Management and Credit 650_Dollar

Mastering Digital Marketing 700_Dollar

Mastering App Development 750_Dollar

Mastering Digital Storytelling 800_Dollar

Mastering Digital Publishing 850_Dollar

Mastering Virtual Assistance and Remote Work 900_Dollar

Mastering Project Management 950_Dollar

Budgeting and Account Management Master class 1000_Dollar

Mastering Data Science and Data Analysis 1500_Dollar

Investment in Solar Energy 2500_Dollar

Investment in Affordable Housing 3000_Dollar

Investment in the Travel Industry 3500_Dollar

Investment in Micro livestock and Urban Agriculture 4000_Dollar

Investment in Health and Wellness 4500_Dollar

Investment in Public Transportation Using Electric Vehicles 5500_Dollar

Mastering Investment in Forex, Stocks and Crypto Trading 6000_Dollar

Mastering E Commerce Online Opportunities 6500_Dollar

Real Estate Investment Master class 7000_Dollar

Mastering Tax and Tax Planning 8000_Dollar

Retirement Planning 9000_Dollar

Financial Education for Entrepreneurs 10000_DOLLAR