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The VerterVerse offers a robust platform with unique features for education acquisition, participation in charity as well and a chance for freedom for the VerterVerse community. There are other important components of the VerterVerse package that essentially include: e-commerce, travel, and communication.

The VerterVerse is actively built on a Social Enterprise Platform to house almost anything you can think of and we are utilizing education to pass on the message. Education is anything you did not know yesterday that you learned today. Most folks think education is just going to school, from kindergarten to tertiary. We intend to give access to all, to gain this knowledge through education. We give – for free, a directory that shows you where to go for such education, some of these links take you to Ivy League institutions around the world that offer an array of courses on almost any subject. There may be fees/tuition attached but the emerging trend in online education options opens a new vista to all around the world who may have the aptitude to learn and now the opportunity is placed at their feet.

With a mission to become the LARGEST CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION in the world, The VerterVerse aims to use its Academy to improve lives through Books, Videos, and Courses. Our projects are geared towards improving the lives of students in many different ways, how we communicate and entertain, so always expect new themes and additions in our website and mobile app.

We urge you to keep in mind that things around you can change, also, you can be the change agent. You can point people in the right direction, by ensuring that they get the best in education, while at it in the VerterVerse, they can become empowered to have and to give through the numerous charity projects that will be highlighted in the program, we are convinced that many will gain the freedom they have sought for so long as the Power of Giving is unleashed to the world! Welcome to The VerterVerse!

About us